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      1. Community Impact Report Q1 2019

        Feature Story: 2018 Year-in-Review

        Fluor and our employees work to build prosperity and empower progress wherever we live and work. We focus our philanthropic efforts in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, social services, community and economic development and the environment. These four areas align with our business priorities and leverage our capabilities as a global engineering and construction company.

        Fluor and the Fluor Foundation contributed more than $7.5 million in financial support to community initiatives and programs in 2018, while employees volunteered over 52,600 hours at a value of $1.3 million.

        In 2018, Fluor and our employees:

        • Enabled more than 255,000 primary and secondary school-aged students to receive 2.2 million hours of STEM academic training and enrichment and learn about career opportunities in these disciplines
        • Helped more than 158,000 youth receive 1.8 million hours of life-skills enrichment training through support of youth-serving organizations and initiatives
        • Provided more than 814,000 meals to the hungry through participation in feeding programs and support of meal delivery services
        • Assisted more than 41,000 individuals with preventive and emergency services, such as emergency shelter, health care check-ups and counseling for the homeless and victims of domestic abuse
        • Contributed to the building or refurbishment of 198 homes and community-serving facilities
        • Recycled and disposed of 20 tons of litter and beautified and restored communities by planting more than 14,000 trees, flowers and shrubs

        Whether providing home refurbishment to a veteran or introducing a student to engineering through a hands-on project, Fluor and our employees are always willing to step in to support life-changing community initiatives.

        Houston volunteers pack meals for Rise Against Hunger

        Houston volunteers pack meals for Rise Against Hunger

        Fluor volunteer explains the construction process to a student

        Fluor volunteer explains the construction process to a student

        Partner Profile: Building a Brighter Future for Students Through Mentorship

        For young people, a healthy mentoring relationship can be critical to achieving both academic and personal goals. Mentors offer steady support, guidance, experience and encouragement.

        In alignment with our goal of investing in programs that inspire and prepare students to excel in STEM subjects and disciplines, Fluor has partnered with the Dallas, Texas location of City Year℠, providing the program with volunteers and more than $150,000 in financial support since 2016.

        About the City Year Program

        City Year is a national education-focused nonprofit organization that partners with public schools to provide targeted interventions for students considered at risk of dropping out of school. To help decrease the dropout rate and keep students on track, City Year employs AmeriCorps℠ members who recently graduated from college to serve as tutors, mentors and role models. Mentors are placed in high-need, urban schools with a large population of at-risk youth. The corps mentors provide academic support, attendance coaching, extended day programming, positive school climate initiatives and service project opportunities to students.

        Fluor's Support

        Fluor’s support of City Year has funded the hiring of nine AmeriCorps members at Medrano Middle School in Dallas. The corps members support students in developing their math skills and remaining on track for graduation. Each member is assigned to a classroom where they work with individual students and their teachers and principal to determine how to best support each student. In addition, volunteers work with the entire population of students during afterschool and weekend activities.

        Our employees also volunteer to help support City Year’s initiative at Medrano. Volunteers host the Fluor Engineering Challenge each year and, as part of the Employee Giving Campaign, lead students in STEM activities.

        Fluor also helps provide career guidance to the City Year mentors. To help corps members develop plans for a post-City Year career, Fluor’s Human Resources department hosts resume and career planning workshops to strengthen their resumes, identify their strengths and provide tips on interviewing and networking.

        “The resume and career workshop was perfect,” said City Year Managing Director of Impact Jamey Applegate. “The Fluor team was warm, welcoming, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable. This workshop helped ensure our corps members were successful not only during their year of service, but also afterward, as it equipped them with practical skills built around what it takes to succeed in the current and future workplace.”

        Program Results

        The program has yielded positive results. At Medrano, key program goals have been met, such as:

        • Corps members serving a minimum of 1,700 hours to support more than 900 students
        • Providing math support to more than 500 students resulting in improved math scores during the academic year
        • Improving student attendance by two percent
        • Achieving a 100 percent grade promotion/graduation rate by students served by City Year

        Ninety-six percent of partner teachers agree that AmeriCorps members improved the overall academic performance of their students.

        “I think the students really enjoyed the whole design challenge experience,” said Medrano teacher Michael Aldape. “Being a part of a group and feeling involved gives students a sense of belonging that helps them accomplish many things inside the classroom. I really enjoyed seeing them go through the experience they had.”

        “Because of Fluor, math and science classes have become more fun for me,” said one eighth-grade Medrano Middle School student. “Fluor has helped me look forward to whatever we are doing in math and science classes and has made me excited to learn.”

        Fluor continues to support City Year’s program at Medrano Middle School through funding and volunteer support. Most recently, volunteers hosted the Fluor Engineering Challenge at the school with students and their families. To learn more about City Year, visit www.cityyear.org.

        Fluor Cares volunteer Heather Kaplan explains the Fluor Engineering Challenge

        Fluor Cares volunteer Heather Kaplan explains the Fluor Engineering Challenge

        Students at Medrano Middle School participate in the Fluor Engineering Challenge

        Students at Medrano Middle School participate in the Fluor Engineering Challenge

        Fluor Cares volunteers in New Delhi, India host a model making activity for students at Gurgaon Village School

        Fluor Cares volunteers in New Delhi, India host a model making activity for students at Gurgaon Village School

        Volunteers host an event at Girls Inc. of Orange County during Engineers Week

        Volunteers host an event at Girls Inc. of Orange County during Engineers Week

        Fluor Cares Profile: Inspiring Wonder During Engineers Week and Beyond

        During Fluor’s Engineers Week (EWeek), employees showcase their passion for engineering, expose young minds to the profession and continue to serve as reminders of how engineers help shape the world. For more than 50 years, Fluor has supported Engineers Week by participating in educational outreach programs through DiscoverE, taking part in the always-popular Friendly Competition and honoring professional engineers and their contributions to the company.

        STEM Outreach

        Fluor is dedicated to promoting STEM education to students through outreach and volunteerism. During EWeek, volunteers visit schools and other community organizations to spark interest in engineering and engage students in hands-on activities.

        This year, Fluor volunteers visited 128 schools and charitable organizations, providing more than 11,200 students with approximately 43,000 hours of STEM enrichment.

        Global Marathon

        DiscoverE℠’s Global Marathon is an annual worldwide, online forum where professional and college-level women can network, learn and share. The free series of 45-minute weekly sessions ran from March 6th through April 3rd. During the forum, participants met virtually, and presenters shared their stories of personal, educational and professional challenges and successes.

        Mimi Irvin, director, Material Management, an employee from Fluor's Houston office, served as a 2019 Thought Leader and facilitator for the "Work. Life. Blend?" session.

        If you missed this informative event, you can catch the Global Marathon on demand by clicking here and registering to access the recorded sessions. All viewing sessions are free of charge.

        Fluor Engineering Challenge

        This year, Fluor celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Fluor Engineering Challenge. With help from a team of scientists and educators from Science Buddies, the Fluor Engineering Challenge makes past Fluor Friendly Competitions - an annual event in which employees apply their engineering skills in a challenging and friendly environment - available to students around the globe in a hands-on and engaging format. The 2019 challenge, "Volleyball Machine Challenge," was based on a Friendly Competition designed in Southern California by The Brady Bunch team.

        Top scores and innovative designs are featured on the Science Buddies website, and Fluor holds a drawing for participating student teams to win one of 20 $1,000 grants for their school or qualifying organization. The 2019 Fluor Engineering Challenge received a record-breaking 1,430 submissions, with approximately 4,300 students participating from 10 countries.

        To see this year’s grant winners and learn more about Fluor Engineering Challenge projects, visit www.sciencebuddies.org/fluor-challenge.