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      1. Fluor Offers Entry-level Craft Training

        Fluor offers comprehensive entry-level craft training in high demand industrial crafts at Fluor’s U.S. Gulf Coast Craft Training Center.

        Training is available for high-demand industrial crafts needed for future employment in the oil and gas, refining, and industrial construction industries.

        Upon successful completion, trainees receive industry recognized entry-level credentials in the NCCER Core Curriculum and in one of the following trades: electrical, instrumentation, millwright or pipefitting.

        U.S. Gulf Coast Craft Training Center Entry-level Craft Training Program
        Location 4965 Underwood Rd., Pasadena, TX 77507
        Typical Training Schedule Monday - Thursday
        7:00 am - 5:30 pm
        Total Hours of Training 480 Contact Hours
        12 week training program
        NCCER Craft Training Offered Core Curriculum
        Electrical - Level I and II
        Instrumentation / Electrical - Level I and II Instrument / Level 1 Electrical
        Pipefitting - Level I and II
        Prerequisites Chemical screen required
        Entry Math Assessment
        Have or obtain reliable transportation
        All individuals must be 18 years or older to apply.
        Cost Tuition is at no cost to the trainee.
        Trainees are responsible for providing their own steel-toed boots, denim or khaki work pants, long sleeved shirts, housing, meals and other miscellaneous living expenses.

        Learn more about Fluor’s U.S. Gulf Coast Craft Training program and Apply.
        Call 1.844.961.7347

        Participation in any Fluor training does not in any way imply or guarantee employment, advancement, or promotional opportunities with Fluor or any Fluor subsidiaries.