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      1. Apply In Person or Online for U.S. Craft Skilled and Unskilled Construction Jobs

        You can apply in person at one of Fluor's Craft Employment offices or submit your interest online.

        In Person

        Fluor's Gulf Coast HR Employment Offices welcome in person applications.

        Deer Park, Texas Craft Employment & Training
        1809 Center Street
        Deer Park, TX 77536
        Tel: +1.888.782.3363

        Baytown, Texas Craft Employment
        4226 Decker Drive
        Baytown, TX 77520
        Tel: +1.800.884.9088


        Steps to Apply Online:
        1. Select a "Submit your Interest" or specific posting in your area of expertise.
        2. Submit to the posting
        3. Create your personal login with your e-mail address
        4. Complete and submit the Questionnaire
        Keep your Contact information up-to-date:
        If your phone number or email changes, update your contact information so you can be reached.